SCCM Custom Variables in vRealize

vRealize Automation makes it super simple to build a machine with SCCM. If your SCCM task sequence happens to require custom variables, then you can define those variables in vRealize. vRealize will pass those parameters to SCCM.

When using SCCM Custom Variables simply tell vRealize by setting the following property in your blueprint or build profile.


This property will make use of the “SCCM.CustomVariable.” property feature in vRealize. You’ll now be able to declare all sorts of SCCM properties like “” and vRealize will pass the property to SCCM as “foo”!

Check here to read more about SCCM blueprints for vRealize.

Special thanks to Tom Bonanno at DailyHypervisor for working with me on SCCM!

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